Buttonbasher turns 1! Hooray!

Dear Gamers,

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the creation of the Buttonbasher blog. On June 1, 2005, I formed Buttonbasher, which at that time was much different. Post’s would be roughly 2 sentences long. And, most, importantly, I, would, never, uses, commas, ever. Now that I’ve moved to WordPress, I think I have finally settled on my blogging style. I want to thank all of you for supporting us. I want to thank RawmeatCowboy at GoNintendo for giving me most of my daily traffic, by being the first site to link to us. I also want to thank all of the people that have emailed me, with support, tips, Mailbag questions, and asking me to link to their site (which by the way is freaking awesome.)!

I’ve had at least 2 interviews granted to certain people in the industry, that I had originally had planned to post today, but due to post E3 loose ends, have been postponed. So I guess June has become Buttonbasher’s birthday Month. So with interviews, new members, and a site design change (I’m working on it), to look forward to, the future is looking bright for Buttonbasher!

Thanks for all the support,



5 thoughts on “Buttonbasher turns 1! Hooray!

  1. I actually got myself a DS lite pre-order, and NSMB!
    Everyone I told about the sites B-day, were not impressed. So I caved, and dropped some cash on those. Hooray!

  2. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy B-DAY!!!!!!!! I’m sorry but I love exlamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway kel you owe me an xbox 360 because I have still never played one before and we need to hang out.

    (Call me so we can meet at mcdonalds so I can come over and we can hang out and drink some dewskers!!!!!)

    UNTIL THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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