OBJECTION! Where is the game I’m reviewing!?

Well my DS battery is officially on it’s death bed. It charges in 2 hours and plays for less. That’s due to my love of my games, and not many real (non-internet) friends. That’s okay, real people are over rated (sorry if you are a real person). Well one of those games I just can’t put down is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

For those of you who aren’t aware, this attorney sim for the DS, has been out since October 2005. I got Gamefly for Christmas, and got Phoenix Wright on Wednesday. I should have gotten it earlier from Gamefly, but wait! It has been listed as Short wait everytime I check. I got lucky this time, and it also showed up a day earlier than I expected! I began playing, and fell in love. It mixes the adventure aspects from the Holy Trace Memory (Hotel Dusk is Jesus to my Trace Memory God), and the story of great murder trials and ends up with a near perfect score!

You play as Phoenix Wright, rookie defence attorney, on his first case. The case is a murder trial. Yeah, case of the mondays? Right. The gameplay is simplistic, but so are Skittles! And I’ll be damned if they commited murder! You go to different crime scenes and investigate, question suspects, and collect evidence. Then you go to the court room, present evidence, and cross-examine witnesses. You also get to yell at your DS. Battery light turns red. OBJECTION! Now this probably sounds boring, but most titles on the DS do (Brain Age, Nintendogs, Warioware, Animal Crossing, etc.)! But this game is pretty awesome! The feeling you get when you find the loophole in the witnesses testimony, is priceless.

The game is a port of Gyakuten Saiban that has been translated. Also in addition to the 4 cases included in Gyakuten Saiban, Capcom has included a 5th case that is much longer than the other cases. It also uses the Touch screen more productivly. Instead of the normal use (clicking through text), you get to examine evidence in 3D. All the cases are for murder though, which I hope will change for the sequel (due out Q1 2007).

This is a solid game. The problem is it is nearly impossible to find. Amazon has it for 80 dollars! It took forever to get it from Gamefly, and it’d be hard to get again. Oh well. Maybe they’ll reissue it after the sequel. But the game is nearly perfect with Humor, unique gameplay, and a story that pulls you in with memorable characters, it’s hard to find faults to this game, other than it could have lasted longer. Oh, and the fact that Amazon is trying to mug me.


If you have this and would be willing to trade for one of my games (most are listed on the Game Collection page) email me @ KLindblogger@gmail.com Thanks!


(Updates may be slim this week, due to final exams at school. Not that I update everyday, but just to keep you posted.)


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