Nintendos Dates. Remember: First date, no disc swapping!

We have some hot release date, that of course are subject to change! But forget about that! We here at Buttonbasher live by the moment! And this moment, we have release dates! Brought it right back around. Oh, yeah!
First up we have Starfox: Command, i.e. Starfox DS. We should see it in the states on August 28th.

Next up, we have Mario. Which one you ask? Super Paper Mario! Now, KLind, A new Mario game comes out every week, so what makes this one special? Well Mario is flat, and it’s a platformer. Oh, yeah, and it’s the Gamecubes last great game. Zelda being on the Wii, this is the last good game. Because I said so. Anyway it hits 10 days before my birthday (get me a present! How about Phoenix Wright!) on October 9th.

W00t!11 W007I saw this one coming, can't wait for the honeymoon!

Also in Nintendo advertising news: The Wizard (a 2 hour long ad for the Power glove, and SMB3) is coming to DVD on August 29. Bask in the mediocrity, that is Fred Savage:

So now that we are in the official Post-E3 Game drought, I have some advice: With your shiny DS lite in hand in a couple weeks, you should get a new game with it! My suggestion: Of course Trace Memory.



4 thoughts on “Nintendos Dates. Remember: First date, no disc swapping!

  1. Kel im sorry but the ds lite is gay, to small, and has the buttons in crappy places.

    (It sucks)

    P.S.- Dont censor this if you do I will hate you

  2. ok, that guy is wrong i like the DS and think that its awesome but i dont like the lite because its fuckin gay.

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