Gaming Bliss: Super Famicom, and Phoenix Wright

Half way through the week, I didn’t expect this any games to find me!

My Super Famicom is here, and nestled next to my 360. It’s pretty. The only not pretty aspect is the Super Nintendo Controller. It’s not as colorful.

Here’s what I got for 30 bucks.

-Console, and Power cable.

-Kirby 3 (?)

-Super Mario Collection (All Stars)

-Super Mario World: Yoshi’s Island (?)

-Super Donkey Kong 2 + 3 (Country)

-Street Fighter 2

– Rockman X (Mega Man)

-Some Mickey Mouse game

-Battle Grand Prix Racing

-King of the Monsters

-Hudson’s Super Soccer

-DBZ 1,2,3

Now, most are fun, others are crap (see DBZ)

But to tell you the truth, I didn’t get much playtime in today, because Phoenix Wright (attorney sim) for DS came from Gamefly. Expect a review later in the week, but seriously, if you have a DS and find this (hard to find) game, buy it. You’ll thank me later.



9 thoughts on “Gaming Bliss: Super Famicom, and Phoenix Wright

  1. Im stuck with romulators :(

    Pheonix Wright seems really good though, but I don’t want to be like… you know… “objection!”

  2. Hey kel whats up like the pic. of gears of war. Also go to my site, check it out and leave some comments. Tell some people about so I can get some comments and visitors It’s

    see you later, (were out of school so call me if u dont know my # then leave a message on my site that u dont know it and ill tell u it or something.)

    P.S.- TAKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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