Crackpot Theory Wednesday! Today, Wii. Tomorrow…World.

Okay, over on the ZogDog Boards, Babygirl had a chat with a possible LucasArts employee. It brought up a point that got me thinking. It proposed that the Wii-mote has built-in memory. Before you have time ask, Babygirl brings up a Miyamoto Interview that claims Each member of the family could have a Wii-mote, and it could be customized.

Think about it, you could store your avatar (For WiiSports, and other games in that art style.), and settings like personal sensitivity settings, and control preferences. And how could this work? SD cards. It’s believed that SD card slots are under the “Flap”. Now imagine you not only have gamesaves, but settings all in your Wii-mote.

WiiConnect24 is another way. Each Wii-mote could have a specific code in it, so when ever you are in a place (other than home) with WiFi, your settings and avatar would transfered to the Wii console you’re using!

That’s my theory, and It makes sense. Believe


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