Can Anyone Help?

Okay, heres the deal, I got my Xbox 360 the first day, and it is my lover. Well it was anyway. It was new, shiny, and full of love, until one time I loved it to hard. Yes, I tried to play the Brothers Grimm DVD on it and it locked up at the title screen. I had myself a good cry, and packed it up and sent it to Microsoft. I think that this was in January. Well, sure enough, a week later I got a package. A new 360! I tore open the box…and What is this? I saw the crayon stain first, right across the faceplate. Then I saw the piece of plastic that held the HDD in, laying it the package… Finally I put it on my table and noticed that a rubber foot from the bottom of the console. Well, I got a new faceplate, glued the piece of plastic, but I still can’t find a replacement rubber foot. Now, here’s the part where you guys come in. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement rubber foot? Any help would be great!



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