But, I never knew I wanted it! But now I need it!

The subject matter is New Super Mario Bros. I just saw a commercial for it and now I need it. But…I have to wait. You see, the add starts out like World 1-1 of the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. But when you get the Mushroom, it changes to the giant (New) Mario, and launches into the gameplay clips. This already has won me over, and I begin to prep my old Gamefly game to send back to get it. But, then the gameplay zooms out and it’s on a…drumroll please!…DS lite! No! And it looks so good on it! I wouldn’t be able to stand playing it on my DS phat. The commercial ends with the DS lite going down in a white goo (like the Wiimote unvieling) and the 2 stacked boxes (like 2 screens) and the lite logo show.

About 21 days…please come bundled…I am awesome…MARIO!!!



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