Lost Planet Preview

I love this game. The trailer has been played many times in anticipation for the demo’s release. Well I got it and started it up, and died while just bouncing around (Hey, I love games that use funny looking jumps). It turns out that not only do you have to maintain your health, and Ammo, but also because of the cold weather (earning it the subtitle Extreme Condition) you have to maintain your heat. You earn heat points by defeating the insect like foes, with your arsenal of explosive weaponry. Now that you understand the concept of the game, lets hear about the demo’s scenario.

You start off around this area that looks to be abandoned. You’re about 1 foot deep in the snow, and you have a machine gun equiped. You start running along the only place to go, and then you see them, distant first, but then they break through the snowy wind and attack. You start blasting the creatures that look similar to the War of the Worlds tripods. When they just don’t stop coming, you notice that they are spilling out of what can only be described as huge land zits. You chuck a grenade at the arctic acne, and it blows up (with beautiful graphics I might add). You pick off the rest of the bugs and then move on to an area that at one time could have been an out door parking lot. You see the open door to a parking garage. Making your way to it the ground suddenly quakes. You grip the controller as a horrible beast emerges. It’s a cross between a lizard and a plant. You use as much fire power as possible and take it down. Then make sure you reload as you enter the parking garage, becase when you get in you see about 7 “zits” and dozens of “tripods”. There are exploding barrels and cars to blow up so use them as you need them. Once your done, and have found a Shotgun to pick up and add to your arsenal, you move to the next area. It’s a walkway to another building, and a buried Rocket Launcher. As tempting as it sounds, don’t take the rockets (there something much cooler in the building. Once inside the building, shoot as many tripods and zits as you can from a distance. Pick up the warmth orbs, and run to the Mechsuit (yes, I said Mechsuit!) and jump in. Second before you reach the Mech, something falls through the glass ceiling. It’s another Lizard/plant creature! Unload your Gattling gun (standard mech weapons) on it and it will quickly fall. Make your way up to the cave, and enter. Now instead of shooting the neverending flying plants, just run the gears of the Mech as fast as you can across the cave, and then when you see the doorway of the next room, you’re forced to say goodbye to your good friendly Mechsuit. Run through the door and you’re at the boss. And I’m not going to spoil that for you!

If you have a 360, you really need to play this. The demo’s been on the marketplace since last tuesday, so go download it. And if you don’t mind, I’m going to go clean my mech.



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