Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

Late last night it was announced that the next installment in the Super Smash Brothers family will have the subtitle: Brawl. New characters range from Twilight Princess Link, suitless Samus, Pit (Kid Icarus), MetaKnight, Wario, and the strangest of all Metal Gear Solids Snake! It was revealed in a trailer that you will get to use Snakes infamous ‘box’ as a power. Wario will have a toxic fart attack too.

It was also mentioned that the title will only use the GameCube controller which I’m not too sure about. I get the fact that if it doesn’t use the Wii-Mote then that is why we didn’t see it on the 9th. But someone new to buying Nintendo consoles purchases the Wii, and doesn’t have the Cube controller then what do they do? I suppose that the ‘shell’ attachment could work, but…

Also in addition to the characters revealed, one of my past ideas became a reality. The other day in class (before the 9th) one of my friends asked about ‘the next Super Smash game’. I said that we didn’t know much other than Online play, and more characters. We began bouncing ideas off of each other. I suggested “Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of Pokeballs, you could unleash a giant Nintendog?”. Well if you check out the screens on IGN you’ll see that it’s in there.

If the game play is still there, then this could be huge!
(Now let’s pray for a Master Hand attachment glove)



7 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

  1. That would be awesome! Master Hand Rocks! Hey KLind, is there anyway I could help out with ButtonBasher? That would be awesome, I check it everyday! You are first on my bookmarks, because most sites judge chick gamers. I love UT03, Quake, CoD2, and most importantly I’m on Halo2 live all night! I’m on the west coast, and I’m not sure where you guy’s are but would you like to take me on at Halo? I know you don’t have live at your house, but when you go to the library next time, add me to your friend list! I emailed my Gamertag to you already! You’re Zanzibartender right?


  2. Yeah I’ll add you, and yes my tag is Zanzibartender. I should be on Friday 4PM (EST)to 6PM. Try and make it! Thanks for the praises!

    KLind (from a cruddy iMac)

  3. Did you hear that “Gies”? We’re lame as crap!

    Or were we busy playing Halo 2? Oh that’s right, it’s not May anymore. But while were at it let’s dig up old posts, and submit poorly spelled comments to them!

    Thanks Malcom for that bit of info!

  4. Thats awsome man, I must say as a ssb fan and all, ya’ll really are pullin’ out all the really good stuff…
    or is it just the beginning!? lol anyway I only have one Important question…..Will my main man,
    “Captain Falcon”, return to Super Smash Bros. Brawl?!? Come on, there has to be a catch in this somewhere, cause you surely don’t start out with him unlocked and all!! please tell me there’s a catch!! We have to unlock him right???

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