E3 Floor Show-Day 1 Headlines

Today was the opening day to the Electronic Entertainment Expo to the journalist public. We have Wii-mote hands on impressions, Ps3 DualShake hands on, and yes: Gears of War hands on. Also some new projects we just found out about! So let’s Play to Believe; Live in Our World, Play in Theirs; and Jump In!

Sony- Many of the impressions that I we’re all talking about how it feels exactly the same. The one game to utilize the motion sensor is the one I heard many complaints about. The guy demoing the game at the press conference couldn’t even land the thing on the landing pad! There were a few titles that are getting some praise, such as Resistance:Fall of Man, and John Woo’s Stranglehold. I’m surethoughout the week things may turn around.

Microsoft- If the Halo 3 trailer stole the M$ Media Briefing, then Gears of War is stealing the floor show. The footage I’ve seen looks amazing, and it will definitely be the system seller for the year. Other than Gears, we have Fable 2 to look forward to (Rumor: Online co-op in this mysterious fantasy sequel.) Also there’s Forza 2, Crackdown, and Viva Pinata (heh). It’s shaping up to be a good year for M$. I’ll have Live Marketplace demo previews on Friday.

Nintendo- We got many hands on reports from games like Mario Galaxy, Sonic, Wii Sports, ExciteTruck, Tony Hawk, Red Steel, and tons more. The public is enjoying it (as predicted) and people are beginning to understand Nintendo’s new direction. Also at the Nintendo booth was a demo of the Virtual Console, which I hear had some Mario games preloaded. Also (behind glass) was a prototype of a Zapper (the Duck Hunt) light gun. Rumors have said that a Duck Hunt tech demo is on the show floor as well. Other news is the announcement of Trauma Center: Second Opinion for Wii. Wii-mote Stat!

More tomorrow.



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