Liveblo…Uh, where’s my feed? NO!

Gamestop is running it on Delay. So I’m not going to Liveblog, because it’s not live. I’ll update though!

2:52: Juicy gossip that an M$ employee was spotted being yelled at for wearing a Halo 3 shirt! W00!

2:55: Pac-Man, Contra, Galaga, Frogger, Sonic, Defender, Street Fighter II, Time Pilot, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Rally-X, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, PaperBoy, and Rootbeer Tapper, for Live Arcade.

3:07: Due to the delay on the Press conference, KLind goes back and watches the Wii trailer reel.

3:08: Fable 2! Woo! Peter Molyneux!

3:14: Forza 2, Blue Dragon, WHOA!!!! The title on the gamespot articles says MS conference, Halo 3 Trailer on Xbox Live, Fable 2, and more! AHHHHHHH! Halo 3 trailer on Live, only? NO! I can’t get live until the weekend (library). Oh, It’ll be leaked…right…

3:19: Viva Pinata…yahn, back to Nintendo Trailers.

3:21: Moore announces first TV show on XBL Marketplace, the Gears of War experience, will be avaible tomorrow. (hmm. what?)

3:24: Moore whips out HD-DVD add on thing. Looks like a black mini 360. Fall.

3:25: WOW! This woke me up! “Major announcement about one of greatest franchsies of all time.” Says its so exciting that he has to take his shirt off. Shows Halo 2 tatto–GRAND THEFT AUTO IV tatoo on other arm. Grand Theft Auto IV October 16 to Xbox 360 ONLY. “Microsoft and Rockstar have entered into an exclusive deal to privide episodic content via Xbox Live Marketplace.” Grand Theft Auto IV will be updated with regular fresh content, more details later. Crowd is stunned, gasps all around. (wow)

3:32: Vista this, Vista that!

3:38: Side-tracked I watch the trailer for Mario vs. DK 2. Looks sweet.

3:39: Yay! Alan Wake coming to the Vista, and the 360 sometime.

3:39: Bill Gates on stage: to present the Future of Gaming. Halo 3 anyone? please?

3:41: Something big is on the way.

3:42: Bill wants to make gaming for people of all ages! (Sound like Nintendo? Yeah, Sony, and M$ are worried of what Nintendo will do.

3:44: Stalling by talking about Cell phone gaming, and PC.

3:46: Meh: Gates announces new platform–“Live Anywhere.” Will be part of Windows Vista–will have one user interface, one identity, one friends list, one message center, one marketplace. Same as Xbox Live 360, same interface, embedded in Windows.

3:59: HALO 3!!! Moore gets on stage and gives recap. Says games will all be playble, then Gates says “Hey Peter, let’s play these people a snippet of a game they might like to see…” Crowd goes wild, trailer comes up. Halo theme plays, scen of a wartorn wasteland. Long figure can be seen therogh the smoke. Cortana alerts screen. MASTER CHIEF WALKS OUT.

4:00: HOLY CRAP, GIGANTIC Covenat dropship… dozens of them. Sky swarming with banshes over gian crater is actually a giant forerunner gateway–the gateway lights up, screen goes white, HALO 3 LOGO APPEARS.

4:00: Crowd goes ballistic. Lights come up and the conference is over.

4:01: Microsoft needed that. Halo 3 is REAL. Yes. I have closure…


(Update) Crowd gets up to leave, but weird audio recording comes over PA. Female voice asks “Master Chief to pick up white courtesy phone,” and urges people not to feed any “grunts they might encounter.” Then she says “The Locust horde has a scheduled attack at 3pm in this venue.” Some laughter from the obviously stunned crowd.


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