Livebloging…MY WII!!! Nintendo’s Media Briefing!

The event we have been waiting forever for! It’s Here! Today, a revolution in gaming will occur! And I have a live feed this time! I just drooled on my keyboard a little! Here…We…GO!!!!!

12:35 PM: It just began! Miaymoto is dressed as a conductor! Damn! He’s conducting the Zelda Theme! F**k yeah! I LOVE THIS COMPANY! Something is on the screen? I can’t tell… Applause!

12:37: Techno Rock! Wii!!! Tony Hawk? Miyamoto is dancing! Red STEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO! Damn! Miyamoto holds Wii cont. hapily! REGGIE! Next Leap in gaming! “It’s about the feel!”

12:39: What you see is not always what you get” Playing is believing”

Official Video!!! Wii “I” Dancing about. New controller video. Drumming. A whole band. TENNIS! GOLF! Conducting? Driving. Can’t tell. MaRIO!!! It’s F**king MARIO!!!!!!! Speaker on the controller! Pilot Wings! Metroid Prime 3:Corruptence?! Sweet!Ping Pong. Running! WARIOWARE!!!!! Baseball. Shooter. RED STEEL. Seriously though, Mario looked amazing! ZELDA Twighlight P. on Wii. My Feed is frozen…

12:44: I hear the Wii logo sounds. People are cheering: 2006. 2 years ago, DS shown. Many said “Huh” Last year Nintendogs? Last year at TGS “people said well, we’ll see” Welcome to Wii. Not to fill Left brain, to inspire Right Brain! Do you know anone who has never watched TV? Of course not! Do you know someone who has never gamed? I bet you do. Why different? Whats release plan, whats with Wii? What about games. As Many of you know, Nintendo wants to do things better. (Sorry I’m being frantic, this is what reggie is saying. FYI) No price.

12:48: More fun, less money, 4th Quarter 06. Name: Thanks to good things said. Both of you…Lol. Responce not suprising. Did you love Lexus? Google? Change is good. Wii means We. Everyone. Sound of the future. 3rd party? few minutes. For now, Wii can’t wait.

12:50: Metroid prime 3 corruption. (Nice) DBZ (meh) Wow, alot more. FIRE EMBLEM. Spongebob. Cars. Super Mario Bros Century: Love it. Tony Hawk.Some horror game. EXCITETRUCK!?? Red Steel.Rayman. Pangya Glof. SONIC WILD FREE!!!!! Project Hammer. Horse something…Onepeice(Meh) Madden (Meh) Something. Oh, Zelda…Nice!

12:54: Talking about Zelda, different. first zelda game come on at launch. Good. explaining controls.

1:05: Reggie saying about games! 1st party (Hammer, Disaster)

1:07: Red Steel Live Demo. Looks nice! “You are in the game” Heh, someone just blew up! I’m buying this game.

1:20: 100 new DS Games

1:45: It’s over. A lot of stuff happened: like Kotaku Reader Scott somthing, Won the AOL contest and got to play Tennis Wii with Reggie, Miyamoto, And Iwata. Games Announced: Super Mario Galaxy, Fire Emblem Wii, ExciteTruck (like Excitebike!), 2 different versions of Zelda TP (Launch title on Wii), Project Hammer (hint: you use a hammer), Disaster Control (Wow. Just Wow.) Wii Sports (Tennis, Baseball, Ping-Pong), and Warioware. We also saw from 3rd parties Red Steel, Tony Hawk, Necro-Nesia, Elebits, Rayman 4, and some others I can’t remember. On the DS front, we have: Diddy Kong Racing DS(neat), Starfox DS(Amazing!), Yoshi’s Island 2 DS(meh), Mario VS. Donkey Kong rise of the minis DS (W0000t). Also Tony Hawk Downhill Jam on DS will not only be Wi-Fi, but will have VoIP during the actual gameplay. Everything looks nice. Wow. I love it

Now, thoughout the entire week I’m sure we’ll learn more, and I’ll be here to tell you guys! Wii!!!

(Note: I should be doing the M$ one too, soon)



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