E3 Predictions- Sony Media Briefing

In 1 Day Sony will come clean about their Next-Gen console dubbed ‘Playstation 3’. We know so much about it already, on the exception of the controller redesign. Tomorrow at 4PMpst (7PM est) Sony will share some of the final information on PS3. So I have put together some of my predictions of what will happen at tomorrows event.

1) The (near-final) controller will be revealed. It has to happen, seeing as PS3 will be playable on the show floor. If you recall last year, at E3’05Sony unveiled their ‘Dualshock 3’ Boomerang styled controller, to mixed reaction (mostly negative). Sony saw the negative response and frantically added a card reading “Not Final Design” to all future appearances. Many forum posters have been claiming “Sony’s controller will be motion detecting! THEY COPIED Wii!” This is a bogus theory. First off, Sony has publicly stated that they think the “Wii-mote” is a dumb idea. Also, numerous game sites have posted pictures of PS3 development kit’s, that have USB versions of the Dualshock 2 attached, so Sony can’t be doing anything that different.

Here’s what I would like: 1) Round buttons. Whenever I have to use the buttons on the PS2 controller, it feels as if I’m pushing the buttons on my TV. Flat, small, and too sensitve. 2) Real triggers. Button triggers suck. Change that Sony. 3) A more rounded design.

2) More Fake Trailers If you look back at the E305 Sony showreel, you’ll see some amazing “Graphical Representations” of PS3 games. The reason I say “graphical representations” is because it was total bull. Google “Killzone 2 trailer” to see what I’m talking about. Expect many more “target renders” but also some may end up real.

3) Semi-Serious Xbox Live compitition. Sony has learned a lot from Microsoft. Rumors point to full game downloads from past consoles, Free, and aspects similar to the Live Marketplace. E3 should explain everything.

That’s my predictions for Sony, and I think I may be able to live-blog it afterall! Tomorrow E3 BEGINS!W00t!



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