E3 2006 Officially Begins! As in Now!

It seems like just day’s ago, I was busy speculating on the Xbox 2, and calling the ‘Revolution’ “VCR tape shaped”. We have come a long way! I just played my Xbox 360, and recently played with a clay version of the Wii-mote that I made in art class. You see, E3 2005 was one that comes around every 5 or so years. The new console cycle.

Thinking back to last year, I remember a few very memorable events.

1) Chatting on the phone with my pal Dan, while watching the Xbox 360 unveiling Live on MTV. We had tried to play the OurColony Viral game, and failed to solve any puzzles.

2) Laughing at the PS3’s fridge-like appearence. Back in those day’s, I hated Sony. I like them now, but have http://www.Ps3grill.com/ as my homepage. Hey! It’s funny!

3) Hating Nintendo’s so-called Revolution. They showed a console that I kept calling “VCR-Tape”, and no games, or controller. Many others were pissed, but if Nintendo showed it all last year, this years E3 would be very unsuprising. Nintendo probably will be the talk of E3, for the first time in a long time.

So with 1 hour until Sony kicks off E3 2006, one will find themselves asking: Will 2006 be the year the REAL Next Generation arrives? Only time will tell.



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