Halo 3 to be shown/announced at E3, evidence.

Bungie Studios has updated their site with the Weekly Update. It’s basically a normal update, except for this quote:

As for our next project, it continues apace. Lots of progress in every department, from UI to Animation to Engineering and of course, all the way back to audio. There are things to see in every department, some rough and ready and some astonishingly smooth, polished and even playable.

It’s really making progress in an exciting and fascinating way. And I can’t wait to share that with you properly. The level of secrecy is every bit as oppressive and confining for us as it is for you. Much, much bigger update next week. See you then!

Wither this adds more fuel to the flame on the ‘Halo 3 trailer’ theory, or Bungie is working on something else (wouldn’t that be sad!). HURRY UP WEDNESDAY!



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