Call of OHMYGOD Wii? 3? Wiiiiiiiiii!!

While typing up that last post, I missed IGN’s huge exclusive. Call of Duty 3 will be announced for Next gen systems at E3. So, of course that means PS3, and 360, but then they say that it will also come to Wii. So, yes that means WWII on the WII. The E3 trailer is available for viewing at:

And if you can, tell me what it’s like (My PC doesn’t support Windows Media, so…)

So Call of Wii’s Duty 3. I mean Call of Duty 3 on Wii. Fall of this year. 2006. That is this year. Unless you are reading this on the archive after 2006. In which you should check a calender.



2 thoughts on “Call of OHMYGOD Wii? 3? Wiiiiiiiiii!!

  1. They didn’t show any gameplay in this trailer, only pre-rendered scenes like in the other CoD trailers.

    However, at the end of the trailer, when it says what systems it was going to be on, it didn’t say Nintendo Wii, it still said Nintendo Revolution.

    Not sure if this trailer is old, or if this is even significant. Just a heads up.

  2. Cool thanks! I heard some other people saying that the trailer may have been made before the name change. I wonder if many other trailers at E3 will have Revolution listed? 3 days!

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