Buttonbasher E3 Schedule

As of right now, at roughly 8 o’clock on a Friday night we have about 2 days and 4 hours untill the E3 goodness begins.

-To my knowledge the Sony Media Briefing is on Tuesday, I’m not sure what time, but I will blog about it after I get back from my prior engagements (8th period German classGuten Tag! Ich bin KLind! Ich Esse die katze !)

-Then on Tuesday roughly before 9:30 Am (Pacific, 12:30 am Eastern) I will begin my live blogging of the Nintendo Pre E3 Press Conference. I won’t be at the event, but I will be watching a live feed, and checking some opinions from people that are live blogging from the event. Once it’s over I will post links to trailers, and news stories from the event. I will keep that going until…

– 2 hours following the Nintendo shindig, the house that Bill Gates built (Microsoft) will have their Media Briefing. Rumors suggest that we’ll see a Halo 3 trailer among other suprises (Mercs 2). I’ll live blog this one too.

– After the 8th, and 9th Media Blowouts, we get the creamy caramel filling which is the floor show at E3. This is where the media professionals get to play all the games that we’ll get our hands on hands on it (…Bastards…). I’ll get all the floor coverage from G4/ links on my blogroll.

-During the time of the floor show, Microsoft will be releasing some of the hot 360 demos that are available on the floor, on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I’ll be heading to the library on the weekend to download them all. Which games will be available? Well one of the big titles is Crackdown, a game made by the guy that made GTA. You are some kind of super human. Also Sonic the Hedgehog next gen will be downloadable, and I am the most excited for this one. Other memorable titles are: Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Viva Piñata, Test Drive: Unlimited, and Lost Planet. Expect previews.

I have other suprises planned, but you will have to wait 3 day’s.



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