Soon there will be Sadness (trailer, that is)

I haven’t posted about this in the past, but with pictures surfacing from the soon to released trailer to the game, you should be excited.

The game is called Sadness. It is a Gothic horror title for Wii, that is geared towards mature adults.It will be violent, and bring up some controversial issues. Sure sounds like Nintendo eh? Well the project is being developed by NIBRIS studios, a Polish development house who is also working on a top down shooter that takes place through many years, called Raid Over the River (Also soon to be available on DS). Back to Sadness though, NIBRIS has also promised that the game may make the player become emotional (i.e. cry). However, with such a cool sounding idea, there has to be a controversial twist (Like Wii). Sadness will be entirely in Black and White.

NIBRIS has confirmed that we will see a trailer during the time period of E3 (whether that means they will be at the show, or if they’ll just release it on the net During E3)

Stills from the trailer are available at GoNintendo:

Keep an eye out for this one.


(Update): Many of the forum dwellers have said that the hot chick in the pictures is playing as the lady with the shovel in the 3rd pic. Either the shovel is a weapon (Condemned…on Wii…Need Rabies shot!) or you have commited a murder, and have to dispose of the body, OR maybe you are a emo* gardener! Wii’l know in 5 day’s.

*NOTE: Buttonbasher is not against emo people. We simply were playing with the title ‘Sadness’, So don’t send hate mail.

Well actually, I’ve never gotten hate mail before! We Hate Emo’s.


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