Half-Life 2: Episode One

Today I found out the new Half Life (Episode 1) launches, June 1,2006. After watching the trailer ( http://ep1.half-life2.com/media.php# ) I can’t wait to play it. The download price from STEAM is $19.95, Half-life 2 not required. So if you don’t have HL2 then you can still play this without having to buy it.

I was reading the story on the site and aperently Gordon and Alyx have some how escaped the G-Man. Check out the video, its great.



One thought on “Half-Life 2: Episode One

  1. I need my new PC in time to play through HL2, so I can get EP.1.
    Unfortunatly, my sister is in the process of getting a car, so I doubt It’ll work out my way. You know when parents pick favorites. She get’s the tech, I get the blog. Fair? I think not! Wii-tastic? Kinda!

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