Nintendo World Store to stream Wii3 Press confrence. Plus Rumor.

Jostiq is reporting that if you are in the New York area in about a week, that you could be lucky enough to get to watch the Nintendo Pre E3 Media Briefing (press confrence) to a select number of people.

“Wow KLind, how fun. Go to the Nintendo World Store, and instead of getting to shop, I get ushered into a back room. Why should I care?”

Well, here’s the thing, Joystiq notes that ” A ‘special evening event’ by invitation only will also be held from 6-8pm that night. If you’re in the Big Apple next Tuesday be sure to check it out.” Hmm. Special Evening Event? Right before E3? Invitation-only. It’s time to start a Rumor. I have heard talks of Wii demo pods showing up at the Nintendo World Store around E3 in the past. It was a realiable source, and this seems suspicious. Here’s my guess: A very limited group will be admited, and before they leave, they get invited to come back later that night to get some hand’s on time with Wii. It all fits.

Until then…6 days…



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