Indie Built Closes Doors.

I read about this the other day on Neo-GAF, but I waited to see an official comment from Take-Two. It turns out that Take-Two Interactive did indeed shut down Indie Built, an internal development house. The studio was known for a number of sports games including Amped (snowboarding), Links (Golf), and Top Spin (Tennis).

“Employees are being offered packages including continuation of salary and benefits, as well as other opportunities within Take-Two as appropriate,” the representative went on record. “Take-Two is fully committed to its 2K Sports brand and franchises and retains all rights to the Indie Built IP.”

Although the properties will still be continued, I doubt games creativly styled like Amped 3 will be created due to the corprateness of Take-Two Interactive. We truly have lost a great company.

Let’s have a moment of silence to mourn…

Well back to the Wii jokes!



11 thoughts on “Indie Built Closes Doors.

  1. I was playing half life 2 and got so excited I wanted my wii to come out, then I read this and really its not a big loss Top Spin kinda sucked, but Amped was cool.

  2. what’s a juke? Is that like a juke box without the box? That would pretty much be the music. THE MUSIC IS COMEING FROM NOWHERES!11!

    Do you really plan on buying a madden game?

  3. A juke is where you dodge some one in football my source is a southerner. I don’t think hes going to buy a madden game, I wouldn’t.

  4. Yeah, even though this Madden is being made by EA Canada (Mounties Represent!), I don’t think I have ever played a Madden. It really depends on how well the critics think of it. I’m not one to Judge!

    But I will never buy that.


    Until I do.

  5. KLind is really [CENSORED!] and sucks at cracking jokes about the wii. But I still love you, you [CENSORED!]. I wanna [Censored!] you. Kidding. Hey heres a wii joke. If you play with my wii to much you might break it. also I like the way you touch my wii with your wii.


  6. I edited that post because I know him. He’s a dumbass, and said something that I didn’t like. But it wasn’t really because of what he said. It was mainly because I don’t like him. He is a bad person, and has no friends! I’m just kidding! Maybe…

  7. Dont you lie KLind! You are awesome and cant hide it. Also I have no freinds other than you and im  a total dumbass. And I still know you. YOU AWESOME BLOGGER!

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