DS lite US Date and Price to be released on Thursday

1up.com is reporting that Nintendo will hold a press confrence to announce both the US, and (rumored) European, release date, and price on May 4th. They predicted 200$! I personally think it will come in at 150$-ish (the price of the DS large). If this is indeed true, then that could mean that Nintendo is focusing mainly on Wii at E3. This was expected, but for a 1 hour show,they must be telling all about Wii. Sure you can expect Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS, but other than that there isn’t much DS wise. It seems that they would start the press confrence with Zelda:PH, then talk Wii, then show new Zelda trailer and announce date. Knowing Nintendo they probably have some unexpected suprise for DS other than Zelda (Trace Memory 2 PLEASE!), but the focus of the show will be all about Reggie, Miyamoto, and Iwata, showing their Wii.

1 Wiik.



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