My thoughts about your Wii, Nintendo

As mentioned earlier, the final name of Nintendo’s next-gen console will be Nintendo Wii. It seems the general agreement with most of the forum dwellers is negative. I however think this is a cool name. Sure, once you get past the wii wii jokes, you are still left with the question: Why Wii? Well Wii is Japanese for ‘good’ (Good Japanese marketing, Buy the Nintendo Good!) Other that that, the name signify’s multiplayer (Wii play together). Wii also means it is a system for everyone ( I can see your Grandma’s Wii is white!).

Another thing is that you won’t need to abbreviate it (Xbox 360= 360, Playstation 2=PS2, Xbox 360 Power Brick= House Fire starter)

The move has made alot of gamers seriously pissed. But, I recall the same reaction

A) when the Revolution was first shown at E305, B) When the controller was first shown C) Now with Wii.

I think that just like those events, gamers will eventually warm up

But now it’s late, and I gotta go touch my DS. And wait for my Wii to come out. (Sorry)


5 thoughts on “My thoughts about your Wii, Nintendo

  1. I think it stands for something. Like, “Wireless interactive interface” or something.

    OR, it’s some crazy-good viral marketing. Think about this. Lots of negative reaction to this new name. Also, lots of publcity. The bad name has gotten everyone talking, spreading the news, and it’s made headlines on lots of large game information sites. If Nintendo decides to change the name, it would make lots of people feel better about it, and due to the timing of going from bad name to good name, it would be better than announcing the real name out at first.

    Or it’s the final name and I’m just making stuff up.

  2. Yeah, I’m torn as well. On one hand, Nintendo doesn’t seem the viral type. On the other hand, as much as I have warmed on Wii (The Perverted jokes are natural), I hope Nintendo does change it, even if it’s only slightly. Wii becomes The NWay. Problem solved.


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