Game announcements from 4/26/06

2 Revolution games were announced today. One from SEGA (not Sonic), and the other from Konami (not Metal Gear Solid). Also 1 DS game from Q entertainment was revealed.

Sega presents: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz!

I have to admit, a few weeks back when someone gave me a PS2, I was at my local everything store and saw they had PS2 games to rent for 99 cents. The choices were slim, cruddy 3rd party racers, fishing games, and Super Monkey Ball. I had no game for my PS2, so I got Super Monkey Ball.

I didn’t like the controls, but I did like the concept. But with the announcement of the Revolution version, the controls seem much improved. This is one of the first games we’ve heard about (to my knowledge) that in theory doesn’t need the Nunchuck analog stick attachment to play. In past games you would use the analog stick to tilt the enviroment. With the RevMote you hold it flat and tilt it, to tilt the world. This is one I think really has potential.

Konami presents: Elebits!

In Elebits you are on a planet that is powered by small creatures called, you guessed it, Elebits! Your job is to find these Elebits, and get them together to continue powering the world. The more you find, the more the world evolves. New paths will open, more secrets will be unearthed. Sounds similar to Pikmin, let’s hope it can live up to the comparision.

And Finally, Q Entertainment presents: Meteos: Disney Edition!

A themed sequel to a puzzle game much better than Tetris DS, Meteos: Disney Edition, is currently in development for the Nintendo DS. Not much is known about this title except that it may have wi-fi functions, and that Buena Vista Games (Kingdom Hearts 2) is helping out. As for the story: Can you say Goofy in Space?

There you have it. More Revo goodness, and the same for Meteos! E3, HURRY UP!



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