The Good Doctor. A Brain Age Review.

I recieved my copy of Brain Age on the DS from Gamefly today, and it’s kinda cool. It’s part of Nintendo’s Touch Generation titles, which means both that it really isn’t a game (more a tool), and also it will sell like hotcakes. My initial reaction was mixed. First off it insulted me by telling me my Brain Age is freaking 71 years old! But then I played some of the other minigames training sessions, and decided that this is in fact pretty cool.

Although I haven’t unlocked all the training sessions, I see the potential. This title is doing very well in Japan, both with childen, adults, and the elderly. Speaking of which, My mom stole my DS to play it. Her brain age started at 80 (I think that’s the highest it goes). Only time will tell how much “older” we’ll become, but I will keep you posted.

Score: Not really a game/10



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