Going to E3!!!

Alot of people will!! I won’t though…yet. There is a contest going live tomorrow, for the ultimate of ultimate prize.

3 winners will be chosen to win:

(1) 3-day 2-nights in LA

(1) Ticket to E3

(1) Nintendo DS large (not lite)

(1) New Super Mario Bros.

And here’s where you flip out:

(1) Ticket to Nintendo’s Pre-E3 press conference


Be the first consumer, ever, to play the Nintendo Revolution, in front of thousands, at the press conference.

3 winners will be chosen, But only 1 will be picked at random for the play session.
Just imagine, that say I win. Here’s what I would say on stage: “This is amazing, Nintendo has a winner on there hands. Also my site is Buttonbasher.net”

Do you want the link? Well, to bad, I don’t need you guys hurting my chances!



3 thoughts on “Going to E3!!!

  1. Okay, after reading the rules again, You DO have to be 18. But do you think that I could get away with it? What’s the worst that could happen? Would they check for ID? Anyone who’s seen me, could I pass for 18? But most importantly, does anyone check the comment section?


  2. I check the comment section.
    And yes, you DO have to be at least 18 to even get into e3. I’m pretty sure they check ID. Also, it’s in Los Angeles.

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