Something is going ON

I enjoy fake stuff sometimes. Violence toward me (fake in games), Light (Basement tan for LIFE!), women (paying attention to me, when they know I have money. And I also like user made content online. Such as one of last years biggest news stories, the Nintendo ON!!!! For those of you that haven’t seen it, and are anti-links, it was a video that came out shortly before the Nintendo Pre-E3 Press confrence. It was advertising a Head Mounted Display, or Helmet thing, that detected things in the area around you, and represented them differently depending on what game you’re playing. Doesn’t make sense? Click the link. Well people believed it, because of the excellent quality of the clip. It didn’t really help that Nintendo hadn’t shown the controller at the Press confrence. Soon after, the clips creator came forward announcing it was fake, but to this day people still believe that either Nintendo was behind it (can you say the ultimate Viral Marketing?!) or that technology used in it will be similar to what the infamous Final Secret of the Revolution will be. Regardless it was the talk of the internet last year.

Why bring this up? Well…Pablo Belmonte is back. He created the Nintendo On concept and execution, and he now has a countdown clock on his site, counting down to, you guessed it, right before the E3 press confrence. I guess we just have to speculate on what ol’ Pablo has up his sleeve this year, but I will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Some people on the forums think that Nintendo brought Pablo on to the Marketing team to design a video for E3. I do recall reading an interview with him saying that he has been in fairly close contact with Nintedo since the video. Who knows, maybe that’s why many Nintendo of America employees claim to have never seen the clip. Right…

UPDATE 2: At time of posting I couldn’t view Pablo’s site (School PC’s don’t have Flash). But now that I’ve seen it, I noticed 3 things. 1) The countdown is based on your computers internal clock (go ahead and mess with it and see the change). 2) The little man in the corner is the figure representing someone using the Nintendo ON. Triangle head? I don’t get it either. 3) The clock is an optical illusion. Is it down it into the gray thing or coming out? It could mean anything, but it hurts my head.

Also with the quote at the bottom of the page: ” You have this time to obtain a sheet of paper, scissors, and a black pen.” I have no idea. But maybe some of you guys can brainstorm? The comment section is all yours!



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