I’m virtually digging my own grave writing this, because I know that all the Nintendo Fanboys (and Nintendo Fangirls), that read this one will probably get pissed. That being said, it needs to be said. Many Nintendo Fanboy’s/girls have became totally ignorant on the forums! Let’s look at the Nintendo Revolution Forums (official):

1. ENOUGH WITH RED STEEL!!! Okay, wow it’s the first Revolution graphics. We saw it weeks ago though! IT IS NOT THE GREATEST THING TO HAPPEN TO GAMING! Sure, it looks nice (I’ll probably even buy it) but enough is enough! Everybody’s is still so pumped about it, that there are 800 some threads about it! Ex.: ‘Do you think that the Revolution will come packed with a copy of Red Steel?‘ NO!!! Why would Nintendo package a 3rd party piece of software with their 1st party console!? Plus, they don’t even need to resort to bundles until the hardware starts calming down sales wise.

2. Yes! The Revolution will be playable at E3! Jeez! People need to actually read some articles on sites! They ask: ‘Do you guy’s think that it would be amazing if Red Steel was playable at e3?!!’ Then some idiot resonds ‘FAKE!’ WTF!?? Come on! It’s been confirmed not only that the Rev will be playable at e3, but so will Red Steel! And stop with the Red Steel!

3. PANG YA is coming to Revolution! Mmmkay. This is a cartoony golf sim (like Hotshots golf) that was announced a long while back, and it’s teaser site featrures a screenshot from the PC version. Every. Single. Day. Someone makes a post something along the lines of: ‘BREAKING NEWS!!!! ZOMGZOMGOMGOMGWTFWTFBBQ New Revolution game announced PIXS INSIDE!!!!’ And it lures in people, who also see this as new!

And to clear some other stuff up: The Nintendo ON is still fake, No the Rev will not be HD, Mario isn’t going anywhere, and sigs can be funny: just not usually at the Nintendo Forums.



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