Okay, now that I got that out of my system…

In my last post, “AHHHHHHHHHYEAAHHHHHHH WOOOO F!RST Rev SKREENZ WOOOOTT OMG 1337!!PWNRZ!!!!+Something from Ubsoft,” I became overcome with a not so rare disease called “Fanboyticus Explosiveness” This sometimes fatal disease is common in gamers, and pops up usually after Nintendo, Sony, or M$, say anything.

All joking aside, today the internet got a glimpse at the June cover of Game Informer that promised information on the Nintendo Revolution exclusive project from Ubisoft Paris team, Red Steel (formally code-named ‘Project Katana‘). It will be a first person shooter as the screens show. Reminder: All screens can be found at the excellent GoNintendo.com/, but for direct link heres the post containing said scans: GoNintendo

As mentioned this game will be an FPS, that controls perfectly for the Revolution. The analoge stick attachment used for movement, the Controller base unit willbe used for aiming, firing, and using your Katana Sword. Oh yeah, I said Katana Sword. Nice.

Another question that you might be thinking is: Is this real, and if so is it breaking an NDA (non-disclosure-agreement i.e. We have shown you this, and if you speak of it we’ll send our hulk of a VP of sales on your ass). Actually the article answers this one.

It is highly unusual for a company like Nintendo to allow the exclusive first look at one of its consoles through a 3rd party game like Red Steel, but as it turns out , nintendo has been closely involved in the development of this game, and has great confidence that it is a perfect way to introduce the world to Revolution”

The game will be a launch title, and will most likely be at E3. From what I’m hearing Red Steel will most likely earn an M rating, due to the obvious violence. The article also states that the first 3rd of the game will be heavy on automatic weapons, due to the fact that the Revolutions controller will take some getting used to, and will take some time to master precision aiming.

In other news, Falafelkid’s blog (Nintendo-Revolution.blogspot.com) informed us the Falafelkid won’t be back till E3 due to a “Music video shoot”. Littered throughout the site are acronyms spelling out NDA. Well, I guessed that maybe it had to do something with the (now offline) No End Soon blog. No End Soon was a blog that many consider fake, that had gamers submit ideas for a First Person Shooter for the Nintendo Revolution. It was never revealed what studio they were, but they said they are a well known European developer. Well, things now would match up, and alot of the ideas submitted. Back to Falafel though, he posted a comment today before any of the Red Steel info was out. It was a link to an image, the link titled “reason”. Link to image: http://www.extravagameza.com/redsteel.JPG Falafelkid knows about this game. It seems important…

So if you want to read more about Red Steel, don’t forget to check out the source of the madness: the June issue of Game Informer on news stands soon. Until then E3 is roughly 30 day’s away, and with many more magazines with more info coming every day, I declare that the Revolution is here.



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