Magazine Forecast

With all the focus of the news about the new issue of Game Informer, I want everyone to remember that many other magazines will be featuring exclusives. Here’s a list, that will update as news becomes available.

EGM (June issue 204)- They will have the exclusive news from where the Megaton is housed, Nintendo HQ. They promise interviews with the ‘top dogs’ at Nintendo, and an exclusive play session with the Revolution “with you at the front seat” On Sale May 16 (sorry not before E3)

Nintendo Power (June)- At the end of the May issue, they said that they can’t share what would be their cover story, but “Trust us it’s the biggest news we’ve had all year.” This could mean anything, but many speculate about it being a Revolution cover story. You can pick this one up right around E3, the reshelf date is May 8 (day before Nintendo’s Press confrence)

Remember, this list will be updated as news become available, so check back.



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