Kingdom Hearts 2 = I Heart You!

I had to stay up all night, in order to get some time with Dan’s copy of Kingdom Hearts 2. Just so you know, It was worth it! Here’s my (mostly) spoiler free review.
The game starts with you playing as a character named Roxas, who you later find out is somehow connected to Sora. That takes roughly 3 hours to get through ending in one of the coolest boss battles I’ve seen in a long time, between you and a character named Axel. During boss fights, you have an option after a while to trigger an interactive cut-scenesala Prince of Persia: Two Thrones, or Resident Evil 4.

I was happy when I did get to the part when you start playing as Sora again. His clothes had gotten smaller, and his voice deeper, inside the suspended animation/flower/pod thing. But when you get his new outfit, I just had to think that he finally was cool. The combat has been cleaned up a lot. For players that were bored of repeatedly tapping X, there are now combos (and interactive cut-scenes) to fix that.

The worlds you visit this time around are pretty nice. I got to: Mulan, Hercules, and (one reason I really wanted to play) Steamboat Willy. But from Dan’s progress that I saw, it looks like Tron won’t disappoint, Pirates of theCarribian was all he would talk about, and Nightmare Before Christmas was equally great. The only problem was the Little Mermaid stage. It is a bunch of Music Minigames! and you press the buttons at some random time to do it right!

With minimal flaws, great voice work, a story that pulls you in, and freaking Steambot Willy, this game is a must have.




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