Minor Tweaks

You will notice that I have changed the template, and added 2 new pages: Mailbag, and Game Collections.

I’ve been wanting to do a Mailbag for quite a long time. People ask me questions in the comments, but I don’t think they check back to the comment sections to see my answers. So, just send me any questions/ ideas, and put the subject line as “Mailbag”, and whenever I get enough, I’ll post the answers in that section.

As for Game Collections, that pretty much explains itself. But notice that it’s plural, which means that when Buttonbasher grows, new staff writers will put their own collection list in there.

Also, if you see any glitches in the site (for me the sidebar is at the bottom of the page), I’d appriciate if you would tell me at KLindblogger@gmail.com/ (I can’t always tell, my computer is crap).



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