How Nintendo has led to the creation of Buttonbasher

Many of you come to Buttonbasher to see the latest gaming news, but if it wasn’t for Nintendo you wouldn’t be seeing any of this. The following story is the first part of a 2 post-long documentation of the past, present, and future of Buttonbasher. The ‘future’ post should be up by friday. And don’t worry, weekly news coverage will continue as normal.


At the age of 3 I was walking, talking, and starting to play arcade games. Soon after a couple of rounds Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong I lost intrest in games. I instead became a TV drone. Always watching Nickelodeon shows like Doug, and Hey Arnold. These shows were mostly non-violent, and promoted good values. You see, I was raised to not hit people, and thats why I didn’t play video games for a while. There were fighting games, and gun games in the arcade.

So when my uncle shows up with a big brown bag, saying it was a video game, I didn’t really care. So it sat in our basement, and I kept watching the TV. One day I was watching a new show called the Super Mario Brothers Super Show. I loved it, and began purchasing the toys and reading all about it. I read that there was also a Mario video game! So I figured that I would check out whatever my uncle brought, and it ended up being an NES with 13 games. I went right back to being a gamer. Most of my time was still spent in front of the TV, but instead of watching, I was Playing!

Soon, I saw a show called the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. And then I was going down the Sega road. I even ended up selling my NES (What a mistake!) to buy the Sega Saturn. But after about 3 weeks with my Sega Saturn, I was spending more time with the girl next door, playing her Super Nintendo. But her parents thought that it wasn’t good for her to be spending to much time playing with boys. So that left me and my Saturn, until I put it away into storage a week later. I again fell off of the gaming scene.

About a year later the girl came to my door, saying that her parents weren’t home if I wanted to play some Super Nintendo. So I went over but instead of the Super Nintendo I remembered, there was an N64. After playing Super Mario 64, my life changed. I was back on to gaming, and this time I was going no where. Christmas time came and I got my own N64.

Soon I was doing reports on Miyamoto, and this new system called “Dolphin”. I had my subscription to Nintendo Power, and I talked about it with all my friends. I would get on the internet to go to but not much else. I was a fanatic. But when I went over to the girls house a year later the N64 was gone, but not replaced with a GameCube! instead there was a huge black box. An Xbox, with Blinx the Time Cat. I picked up the big controller, but it didn’t feel right. But after a while I warmed up to it.

On November 10, 2004 I went over to my friend Daniels, where he had just gotten Halo 2. I played it, and fell in love. It was just so fun driving my little tank around, then jumping out and blowing it up. I wanted an Xbox. On the Radio a few days later I heard the DJ’s featuring a website of the week, called Joystiq. I checked it out at school, and learned that so much happens in the game industry every day. I went home and viewed almost the whole archive. Eventually I began bookmarking, and checking many sites every day.

I began thinking that checking 30 different sites everyday is kind of a pain. So, what if I could take all the big stories of the day and put them on a site of my own? I had seen advertised in Electronic Gaming Monthly, so Buttonbasher was born! But before it was Buttonbasher, it was called “KLindGamer_7”!!! Catchy name eh? After 3 posts on it, I realized that no one would ever see it. I moved on to Blogger, which was the officially the 1st Buttonbasher. I never could see how many people read it, and I couldn’t post pictures on it. So I moved to ModBlog, where I got over 10,000 hits, but eventually it died down to 2 a month. I owned the domain name to, but it was worthless with numbers like that. So I now run off of WordPress, and things couldn’t be better.

Nearly a year after I first played Halo 2, I was sitting in -10 degree weather, with snow, all night in front of Target to get an Xbox 360. I have it now, and play it a lot, but I still feel odd. My Gamecube, has been collecting dust waiting for Zelda, but I know that the Revolution is coming. Days after I got my 360, I found myself more excited in what the Revolution controller was going to do, than how good the 360 looks.

I was raised on Nintendo, and if it wasn’t for them I would have stopped gaming when the Arcades died. The girl next door moved away (keeping my copy of WarioWorld), and I still hang out with Dan, but most of my time is spent on the internet, reading up on gaming news. So what I’m saying is that everyone should continue to support Nintendo, and not to fear change (or Disruptive Developments). Because change has made gamers out of most of us.



3 thoughts on “How Nintendo has led to the creation of Buttonbasher

  1. How do I feel about Sony? Great question! I know if you read the post titled “Damn you Kutaragi!” it may sound as if I don’t like Sony’s consoles. But in fact someone gave me a free Playstation 2 on Friday, and I have been having a blast with it. I’ve been having fun with Kingdom Hearts, Katamari Damacy, Shadow of the Colossus, and Amplitude. I’m also getting Ico from Gamefly later this week (expect a review). As for PC gaming, my specs aren’t up to par these days but I am going to upgrade soon. So then I can play some of these fantastic titles I’ve read all about (Half-Life 2, World of Warcraft, and F.E.A.R.). PC coverage will be here soon, don’t worry.

    Thanks for the comment.

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