It’s like Christmas in like… you know, Spring.

Most people around Christmas time like to curl up by the fire, in warm blanket, with a good book, and Hot Cocoa. Well from March, to mid-May, I do virtually the same thing. Except replace the blanket with Khakis, the book is my computer, the fire is the heat vent above me, and the cocoa is warm Mountain Dew. I get the same excitement as they get (anticipating gifts) anticipating new video game news. With someone on the Gamespot, Forums, reminding me that there are 50 or so days till E3, not to mention the fact that the Game Developers Conference began today. It’s times like these when the message boards are a buzz with rumors, predictions, and the random n00b asking about the that make me proud to be a gamer. So, with these key events so crucial to us gamers, I figure that I’d share my most recent predictions, and rumors, that I have thought over and actually make sense.

GDC (Game Developers Confrence)


“Playstation 3: Beyond the Box”: Given by Phil Harrison, from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide. Many are expecting more PS3 news, but from the Official summary, it sounds more like the buisness side of things:

“Focusing on the creative, technical, and business opportunities provided by the arrival of PlayStation 3, the keynote will share Sony Computer Entertainment’s innovative plans for the format and will provide a look at how new technology and new business models will help fuel the growth of the computer entertainment industry by attracting new consumers.”

So, personally I’m not expecting much from this one, but I may be wrong because according to the director of GDC, Jamil Moledin, “I would strongly recommend attending the two platform keynotes from Sony’s Phil Harrison and Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata. Trust me!” Now, this isn’t the first time I have heard this mentioned, but for this one I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Next up we have: Satoru Iwata, President, Nintendo Co., Ltd. With his speech titled “Disruptive Development”, Mr. Iwata makes his return to GDC for the 2nd year in a row:
“This year will see the arrival of more new portable and home game systems, and outside attention remains predictably focused on technical specifications and processing muscle. This is not trivial; but also not newsworthy. After all, every new system is more powerful than its predecessor.

Developers know what drives the video game business. It is our work. We are the creators, the innovators, the entertainers. We understand that people who imagine things, even more than the people who engineer them, are the key to reaching players.

Unfortunately, the application of imagination is getting more and more difficult. Larger games require more hours, more manpower, and a lot more money. And as budgets rise, the appetite for risk falls.

As Nintendo has demonstrated with Nintendo DS, our goal is to expand the industry to new players—and to surprise existing players.

In a speech entitled, ”Disrupting Development,” Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will reveal the backstory of how a string of recent disruptive products from Nintendo—the Nintendo DS, the ‘brain-training’ games, and Nintendo WiFi Connection—surprised the market. He will share his thoughts on the role Nintendo’s video game systems will play in expanding the market and widening the possibilities for developers.”

Now, here’s where I can tell you more. After all as you can tell from previous posts, Nintendo where more of my knowledge is. So, all the message boards are crawling with speculation, most of which I can’t see Nintendo doing. They come in 3 types:

1.) The people with high hopes for Revolution Footage. Although I am not ruling this out, I highly doubt it. I really can’t see Nintendo showing games until E3.

2.) People that think nothing will be revealed. I have thought this one through, and there are too many facts that go against this. The quote from the director (see above), News articles saying that “Iwata will drop the Megaton bomb at GDC” (long story), and Reggie confriming it. So I can safely rule this one out.

3.) Those who think some stuff will be revealed. This is where I stand. and I’ll tell you what I think we will see:

  • I think we will most likely see an updated model of the RevMote, and RevConsole.
  • I think we will probably learn the Final Name for the console CODENAMED:Revolution, and it will not stay “Revolution”. Nintendo has stuck with what they have said all along that it is in fact a codename. And although the DS kept it’s codename, I highgly doubt this one will. Why? How could Nintendo make a next system to follow up a “Revolution”? I also think they will want us to get some use out of the new name before E3.
  • I think that we will see alot of DS stuff, and Gamecube stuff. If Nintendo is smart, then they will not show up at E3 showing of trailers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 6 for the Gamecube. E3 will be all about the Revolution, why waste it with cruddy Turtle Games?
  • I think that the Final Secret will be HINTED at. You know, the secret to complete the Holy Trinty (or Triforce I guess). First, the Virtual Console, then the Revolutionary Controller, and finally ___________. Expect the final secret to be announced at E3, but hinted enough at GDC.

So, am I right? Do you agree? Do you hate my gut’s for not liking Sony as much as I “should”? I guess we’ll find out (the first one at least) on Wednesday (Phil) and Thursday (Satoru). Until then…



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