(Wake)ing Up. Two Games to look forward to.

As caught up in reading all the blogs, checking official sites, and poking around forums, At the end of the day it’s really all about the games. And sometimes people ask me what games I’m looking forward to. I always have to think about it. I usually end up, not wanting to really spend alot of time trying to think of some good choices, responding “Halo 3”, or “Anything on the Revolution”. But as I got to thinking about it, I came up with 2 games that really have interested:

1) Alan Wake (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

” I first began reading about this game around E3 2005, and I was hooked. It’s basically an Adventure game, that I describe as GTA (For an open world) meets Silent Hill (the creepy factor).

The official synopsis from the site is that : Alan Wake is a bestselling horror writer. Early on in his career, his fiancée was his muse. When he’d first met her, he had started to see strangedreams which he used as material for his first book. The book was a big success. It was a dream come true. But then Wake’s fiancée vanished without a trace. Wake was devastated. After that, he couldn’t write anymore. His dreams stopped and he began to suffer from insomnia. At the beginning of the game, Wake travels to a sleep clinic to seek treatment for his condition. The secluded clinic is located near the small town of Bright Falls,Washington, far away from the stressful urban lifestyle. Receiving treatment at the clinic, Wake is able to sleep again. At the clinic, he meets a mysterious woman who is the very image of his missing fiancée, uncannily so. At once, his dreams return, this time as terrible nightmares. Wake begins to write again: a new book based on those nightmares. But something is horribly, horribly wrong. Impossibly, the town of Bright Falls starts to change to something awful that bears a close resemblance to Wake’s new book. Wake ends up fighting for his life with a gun and a flashlight in his hands, trying to understand what’s happening.”

It sounds great for everyone! 1. Brian Knight The Graphic Nuts: You need a very high end PC for it. 2. Me The Story Focused Gamer: …cough…play Trace Memory…cough… 3. The Gamer with an addiction to creepy: Admit it, you almost wet your self playing Silent Hill 3.

For more information go to: Alan Wake
2) Bioshock (Xbox 360, PC)

I was reading about this game in the current Game Informer (Issue 155) and it sure makes me excited. Anyone who has played Halo Co-Op with me knows that I usually run past all the gun fights working my way to the driving parts. Mindless shooting isn’t that fun in my opinion, and finally there is a First Person Shooter that agrees with me! From the article, It seems like this is a game where finally, your choices DO actually make a difference in the game. For people that want it to be a Shooter, then you would jump in and go all Rambo on those Underwater/ Marine Mutants/see picture below, things. But for me, If I don’t mess with those things, they probably won’t mess with me. I really want to get my hands on this game, set to release Early 2007.

For more info go to: The Wiki
The official Site : Bioshock

So, those two are something to watch out for, if you have a fast-as-crap PC, or a 360. If you don’t, well…There’s always Trace Memory!



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