Damn You Kutaragi!

I don’t really like Sony. Well, no actually It’s not that easy. It all goes back to the time of Sega, and how Sony wanted to crush them. Basically, they did! And then, they went to take on Nintendo for the Portable market. Now, thats where you go to far. Kaz Harai from Sony made some statements that made me lose all Sony respect. So finally Sony wants to take down Xbox 360. The e3 footage, was all pre-rendered, just to keep their fans Happy.

Well, a 3 PM in Japan (2am where I’m at) Sony held a Press Confrence that led to a handfull of new details.

– A silver PSP EyeToy attachment via the USB port in September, video and voice-over-IP in October, RSS functionality in the fall, and Macromedia Flash support in a spring Network update.
– Playstation 3 will have a Worldwide release, in early November.

– You will be able to rip PS1 games to play on your PSP. (I imagine, just to try to get the same amount of software backward compatable, as the GBA)

– PS3 60 gb Hard Drive (because Sony wants to Up Xbox 360)

-“Beginning this November at launch, the PS3 “will feature community tools including lobby matching and voice chat,” as well as “commerce features that includes bootable software via the hard drive.” This is basically the PS3’s online service, which was created with Sony Online Entertainment’s assistance and will be provided free of charge–well, the “basic” service will be at any rate.”

So, wait for e3 for more info. I will be chilling out here telling my Xbox 360, not to feel to bad, “Sony online won’t It’s okay!”



2 thoughts on “Damn You Kutaragi!

  1. Where do you get your bullshit so what they have a 60 gig HD its only because you need alot of space for High Def movies/ videos. Also I am kinda pissed at this to “The e3 footage, was all pre-rendered, just to keep their fans Happy.”I am a Microsoft/Sega fan but thats bullshit you dont know thats true and if its true show me where you got the information about this.

  2. Listen. If you look at most of the E3 2005 videos, you realize that they are either, “Target Goals”, or are Pre-rendered. Ubisoft has come forward, as have many other developers confirming that. Although I realize, that my statement wasn’t 100% true, It was a general statement.

    Also, I’m not sure that I understand your statement: “so what, they have a 60 gig HD its only because you need alot of space for High Def movies/ videos.” What does the Hard-Drive space have to do with the Video output? Do you mean storing these videos? Because (I Could be wrong but) I haven’t heard anything about ripping DVDs, or transfering HD clips from your computer (is there such thing?).

    I am open to debate about this more, just drop me a line at KLindblogger@gmail.com


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