Microsoft folds the creases to (project) Origami

With the news on Microsofts hot new product days old, I have been looking at the write ups from numerous blogs, and what I have come up with is that this will NOT be a portable Xbox, and it will also NOT be your average tablet PC. But what is Project Origami? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Exhibit A: : In normal Micro$oft fashion, there is a viral marketing site for Origami. It taunts us, saying “Do you know me?, Do you know where I can go? You will… learn more 3.2.06…” Many are speculating that M$ will hold a press confrence on this date, but knowing their past with virals, This date most likely refers to when the site will update with a little more info. Just look at the bottom of the site! It has 3 weeks laid out. At time of post, Week one was the only available choice, But I’ll keep you posted.

“Now K”, you may be asking, “That is great, and informative, but…What is Origami?”

Exhibit 2: These Images of Origami:

This Image looks more current, and black.

This one is one of many stills from the Video (see Exhibit C)

More screens from Vid.

Screen from Exhibit A link.

Exhibit B.2: This Picture gets its own sub-section, because it caused the Internet to explode with Fanboys thinking it was a portable Xbox.

(Note: This is HALO 2, not Halo 1, which leads me to believe that this picture is just trying to show the capabilities of the Hardware, not to mention that there is no way in Hell anyone could manage to play Halo with that wacky control set-up.)

Now, the official word from M$ is that this product is real, but the pics and footage do not reflect the current status of the project.

Exhibit C: The Video

Now although I can’t find a specific link because its Java, Just do a quick Google search, you’ll find it. It basically shows off some of the features such as Touch screens, and some funky cloth Keyboard (?). It also has a kickin’ beat.

Final Verdict: Although what is out there currently, is not final design (good, because it looks clunky as Hell.) It does look interesting. We may end up finding out more on Thursday, which by coincidence I’m sure, is the same day Apple will show us “Something Fun”. I’ll keep you posted, but in the mean time figure out how this cloth like keyboard is a good idea. Seriously, I want to know.


(UPDATE) : The origami project site updated with more mysterious messages.


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