Live on Live at 3 on Saturday.

Okay, I forget if I said this before, but I do not have Xbox Live at my house. I have to go to friends places to get on Live. It isn’t that bad, I just swing by, download some Marketplace goodies, play some Halo 2, leave.

Well one of my friends is a librarian, shes much older than me, and she’s in charge at that branch of the library. So with the library having an extremely fast connection, and an HD projector, and a secluded meeting room with surround sound (in the basement, where it won’t disturb anyone), I have mooched of my librarian friend to gain axcess to this meeting room tomorrow (Febuary 25, 2006) from around 3pm to 6pm.

I go by 2 different Gamertags:

KLindblogger, and Zanzibartender (I will serve you at Zanzibar, get it?)

So if you want to play either: Perfect Dark Zero, Halo 2, Quake 4, Need for Speed: Most Wanted ( depending if it shows up from Gamefly in time), and any other games I can steal borrow from my friends, just send me a friend request (don’t worry, I except all) And you have my permission to kick my ass on Live.

Just 30 minutes for my downloads, or just bug me, and then I’ll play!



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