Hmm…Disruptive Development, indeed.

Are you ready for some sweet/oddly creepy pictures? Good!

Now, you may think I have lost my mind. Well I have but thats beside the point. The point is that these pictures are showing off a fairly inexpensive technology/ trick of the eyes.

Now, the forum dwellers are calling this the legendary “Last secret of the Revolution.” And they finally have some good logic to back it up.

Falafelkid mentions some convincing points, in his post titled ” Why 3d projection makes sense” Here are some of those points:

“* The console stand:

It´s slanted, which must be more than a mere design feature, because it makes the console more likely to be knocked over. In my mind, this would suggest that the console is ´pointing up´ at the player. As this is most likely not required by the controller interaction, there could be another type of data exchange between console and player. Additionally, the stand is rumoured to double as a battery pack, according to the UK´s official Nintendo magazine.

* The size:

The console will be tiny. Stack three DVDs and see what you end up with. It´s ridiculously small. This confines the hardware to not being much more powerful than the GameCube. But Nintendo would never castrate their hardware if it wasn´t for a good reason. So, the method of viewing and, thus, portability could be the revolutionary ingredients instead. In fact, there has been a reliable source stating some months ago that a portable GameCube was at least considered by Nintendo a few years back. The Revolution could be that. With a size of three DVD cases stacked, it will be a fairly portable device anyway. And given some kind of 3D projection, even a portable Revolution would still compete with the other home consoles.

* Nintendo´s refusal to show graphics:

This is the best indicator yet that there is a new way the graphics will be displayed. Marketingwise, not showing any gameplay footage is the worst move any console manufacturer can make. Most people don´t even know Nintendo is coming out with a new console. Understandably, since the mass medium, television, is visually oriented and has had no reason whatsoever to report about the Revolution. Nintendo never even supplied tv stations with that controller demo reel shown at TGS. So, Nintendo is actively discouraging media coverage. The only reason behind that can be something so big that, once revealed, will attract mass media automatically.

* The controller:

Imagine using the Rev controller with a television. The tv set´s size and your distance from it will mean that your movement on screen is very limited, especially compared to the movement your arm can make. If that is all to be accounted for, your arm´s on-screen representation would have to be scaled down to a tiny size. Alternatively, controller movement would have a limited range (before you hit the screen´s side, like a mouse does). As an alternative, imagine using the controller in a full 3D environment, enabled by some kind of VR or AR technology. The difference is immense. The controller is a neat idea on a standard television, but it is a full-blown revolution in a 3D environment.

* Price:

Even the price of 3D projection (both peripheral and integrated solutions) has been confirmed to be mass-market friendly, at under $100 (read The Price of the Future and The Price of the Future, part II).

* The technical drawing

This image, taken from the EU trademark and design site, shows that there is an extra fan and two receptacles on the Revolution´s underside that would normally rest inside the stand. One of the receptacles could be proof of the stand indeed powering the Revolution or the stand being some kind of battery pack. The fan has no use inside the stand, so the Revolution will also be used outside of it. Both aspects prove that the Revolution will have some portable aspect to it.

* Quotes:Miyamoto: “It’s convenient to make games that are played on TVs. But I always wanted to have a custom-sized screen that wasn’t the typical four-cornered cathode-ray-tube TV. I’ve always thought that games would eventually break free of the confines of a TV screen to fill an entire room. But I would rather not say anything more about that.”
Business Week

Miyamoto: “I think maybe if I could do anything, I would make it so you don´t have to sit in front of a TV and play. If you could have a machine that you just plugged in and played inside a virtual world that – would be just great.”

Miyamoto: “Sitting in front of your monitor with a controller, there’s really nowhere to go from that paradigm, all you can do is make it prettier and faster.”

Iwata: “We invented the current way a console is played – in front of a television and holding a controller – but maybe that image will change.”

Iwata: “When you turn on Revolution and see the graphics, you will say ‘wow!'”

Iwata: “The keyword for the DS was ‘innovative product,’ but it will be ‘paradigm shift in [game] play’ with the Revolution.”

Iwata: “Our next home system (…) won’t simply be new or include new technologies. Better technology is good, but not enough. Today’s consoles already offer fairly realistic expressions so simply beefing up the graphics will not let most of us see a difference. So what should a new machine do? Much more. An unprecedented gameplay experience. Something no other machine has delivered before.”

Fils-Aime: “The concept of a home system today is defined as hardware that you tether to a box, and you are tethered to it via a controller; we think that’s an old paradigm.”

Fils-Aime: “With our next home console we will address the area of gamer community. You said ´online´. I used ´online´ as a description of a flawed business model. We are passionate about enabling our gamers to play with their friends [and] to play with others across long distances. There are a number of different ways to execute that.”

Wada (Square-Enix): “Not just a portable, not just a console – it’s exactly what we wanted in that it’s the birth of a completely new platform.” “

The quotes section does sort of match up. And it would make sense. But heres one of the problems. If glasses are required, then how will screenshots/ videos work? And I have another problem with this.

If real, that could mean games finally transending the screen. The site featuring the pictures at the top does say : “One might also implement 3D HoloProjectionTM within the entertainment industry by utilizing this format to capitalize on the many opportunities to produce movies, VIDEO GAMES or arcade suites capable of immersing the players inside of the popular games of the time.”

Heres the point though, Do you really want to be immersed in your video games? In some instances maybe (cough…Trace Memory…Cough) but in others, heck no. My problem is if it doesn’t reqire glasses, and anyone can see what your doing, that could be kind of traumatic for them. My example, if they ported Condemned to the Revolution and presuming the Rev uses said feature, and a younger one is around… There is a certain scary factor of seeing a homeless man/ psycho rush up to the player and begin to beat them. Or the other way around, for them to see an older player using a gun in an FPS. It’s one thing for me to shoot someone as a character on a screen. But that all changes when “I” am using the gun, to shoot. If you follow, it suddenly becomes apearent that if implemented, those jerk lawyers on Capital Hill will have a field day.
Even if Nintendo limits certain types of games to the real screen, I still get creeped out by things out of the ordinary. I think of it this way, at a theme park a few years back I went on a Spongebob Squarepants 3d ride thing. It began like a normal episode would with a pirate in a painting starting the themesong “Are you ready Kids? aye aye captain” But then when he delivered the next line “I can’t hear you” He Jumped out of the painting with his arms grabbing at the audience. This, was out of the oridinary, and it really stuck with me, giving me nightmares for weeks. Thats why I hope that this is false. I love Mario games, but if Mario was standing 3 feet away, i would be terrified. Imagine fireballs! So I guess what I’m getting at is that although the tech is out there, and the facts line up, I really can’t see it happening. The violent games would push it. I could be wrong, but I’m going to say nay.

With E3 less than 4 months away, I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

Are you ready?


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