Revolution Controller Leaked. People call fake!

I find this forum thread very ironic. Here someone clearly has the promotional images of the Nintendo Revolution Controller. But when he shows it, everyone is quick to say “FAKE”! This happens everytime something gets “leaked”. They usually aren’t real, but maybe we shouldn’t call something fake as soon as we see it. You never know when things can get real.

Here are some memorable quotes from the thread: “Your not serious?”

“This topic title seems to be misleading, so I’m locking this thread. If you find a Revolution controller image on a blog, but not on Nintendo’s site, it’s most likely fake”

“They could have tried harder than that.”

” Not funny and boring.”

“For the love of crap.”

And my personal favorite: “This is so old it’s not funny.” Now how on earth was this old? WTF. Heres the link. and remember the truth might be out there.



4 thoughts on “Revolution Controller Leaked. People call fake!

  1. It is. Its just this thread was created before the controller was shown to the public at the tokyo game show. The point I was trying to make is that these people called something fake just because it wasn’t offically confirmed. But the jokes on them when it turns out to be real.

    Does that Help?

  2. lol, I thought the same thing, which is why I sent the story into joystiq. It turns out that the image on the site that the thread hotlinked to changed the image after TGS, which made it seem like the wiimote was leaked beforehand. However, the original image (which has the same url as the new one) was the crappy photoshop of the prototype wavebird (the one with the grey trackball in place of a c-stick).

  3. Yeah, someone else told me shortly after I posted. I never did fix it though…

    I know what picture your talking about. It came out 10 minutes before the Revealation of the controller. We all paniced.

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