Finally…Nintendo Viral Marketing!

Let’s go back to an easier time, far back in the year 2004. The commercial was for a small game called Halo 2. At the end where it would say, It would flash This site appears to be a corrupt page of an amateur bee fan, but it soon became obvious that it wasn’t. I won’t go in to detail, but if you and to read more about it (after reading my post) head over to, to learn more.

Well, today as I made my internet rounds, I got a tip in my email about Nintendo Viral in an ad. First I thought of the GBA one for Need for Speed, Tony Hawk, and Final Fantasy. But seeing as the tipster didn’t say which ad, I snooped around my bookmarks, and finally found the Nintendo Wi-Fi European ad, that I had passed over. Well watching it made it evident that some kind of text was going past the screen. R…VO…ION. Whoa. “Revolution” passes by the screen, but why? That is a good question.

( I found it helpful to scan through it slowly by the arrow keys on the keyboard)



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