Pictures to drool at (Revolution Pamphlet edition)

Now before you freak out (don’t worry I did too) This is not the Revolution. It’s parts of the Revolutions. But if you look at the first red piece in the top left corner, find it? That is the tray thing. that hooks on to the front to hide the _________! I can only dream what’s under it. And also the back of the Revo has Japanese writing on it! What does it say? Anybody speak Japanese? Then of course there is…

Self Explainitory.

More info as it’s announced.

EDIT: Many people think these pictures mean the Revolution is on the assembly line. But this pamphlet dates back to a little after the Tokyo Game Show. My guess? These are either:

A) Production models for pictures. B) Demo Kits for Tech Demos.

Anyone else think similarly? Or am I just overthinking any little piece of news from Nintendo?


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