Review: Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360)

Wow. This is a great game. It’s also very disturbing, violent, and some of the best storytelling I have played in recent memory.
This First Person adventure is primarily a melee based game. That basically means although guns are there (Pistols, Rifles, And SMG’s), they are rare. In the event that you manage to find a gun, it most likely will only have about 5 shots in it. I found my self running past guns in favor, of say, a fire ax. This works well (the melee fighting) but the “block” system is too hard to use. Also you have a flashlight as your main light source, which adds to the scare factor.

And you will be scared. Personally I have never really jumped while gaming, but with Condemned, I lost track. The story is that you play as Agent Ethan Thomas, an F.B.I. agent assigned to the Serial Crimes Unit. You are an a case one day, murder victim posed with department store manneqins, you know the usual. Well the killer finds you, takes your gun, and to make a long story short you get framed for what he does. You are on the run from the police, crazed homeless people, druggies, zombies, all the while you try to track down the killer.

You get to go to terrifiyingly real looking locals such as the public library, a middle school, and an abandon farm house (is it really that abandoned?). You will hear babys crying, and have people jumping out at you pretty much throughout the whole game. But then there’s the forensics.

The Forensics portion of the game is pretty awesome. Think Beyond Good and Evil, with more tools than your camera. It really adds to gameplay, and the storyline. Really not much is wrong with the game. It is kinda short (beat it on a weekend) , but that doesn’t even matter, to fault a game that is as good as this for how long it is , is wrong.

Condemned: Criminal Origins for the Xbox 360 gets a 10/10 and my highest regards.


Oh, and a Nintendo Revolution Port would fit the melee combat quite nicely! Hear that Nintendo?


3 thoughts on “Review: Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360)

  1. Yeah, Kinda like FEAR, even made by Monolith who developed FEAR. And the melee combat works. If you can’t find a 360, then a PC port is on the way, and I have been hearing something of a PS3 version at launch. But seriously a Revolution port would be a killer app, no question. Thanks for checking my site out!


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