Review: Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360)

I’ve never really been interested in fighting games, until now. Before it’s just been unfair, facing off against my bitter rival/ best friend Dan, and lets just say I’ve got my you know what handed to me many times. Well that still happens in DOA4, but I am a bit better from the 20+ hours I’ve clocked in. Let’s break it down into catagories this time.

Story mode:

17 seperate stories can be unlocked (one per chartacter with one unlockable character). About half are unproportioned hot chicks, which is awesome! The other half are guys that are either Ninjas, or a drunk (basically). You play through a few levels, then get a confusing cutscene, continue a few fights, then a boss. Easy enough, right? Wrong. The AI can be unfair at times, leaving you unable to get a single hit in. But then others it’s the exact opposite. I found myself cursing at the television, neumerous times. Spending 3.5 hours on a fight that isn’t a boss is unexceptable! But the real reason I Gamefly’d this title was for the unlockable Halo Spartan that I was promised. Well after I beat the story modes I unlocked it, and boy is it sweet. I’d of loved to get a story with my daily dosage of Spartan. But other than that, this game is superb.

Online Multiplayer.

To hard to Navigate at time of review. ( The only time I was able to get to a match, the lag time was so bad I quit.)

This game is worth picking up only for the story/time attack alone. And if you have a great high speed internet connection, then tell me if you can manage to get some good matches on Live. But seriously, pick this one up.

I give Dead or Alive 4 for the Xbox 360 a 9/10.



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