D.I.C.E: “On the 9th day he rose with Revolutionary details,”

At 10:30 AM, February 9th, 2006, Reggie will rise. Yes, for 45 whole minutes

Reggie Fil-Aimes will speak at the DICE confrence. But, what will he say? Many believe it will be about Nintendo’s Next-Gen offering, the (codenamed) Nintendo Revolution. But even if it is, what about the Revo? Well from what I have pieced together, it will be a hint at the third secret to the Revolution. Huh? What are you talking about? Well…

Shortly after the Tokyo Game Show, where the Revolution Controller was shown to the world for the first time, Miyamoto (creator of Mario, DK, Zelda, etc.) was giving a lecture to college students. Near the end of the speach, he stated “The [Revolution’s] controller still has another secret,” stated Miyamoto. “But it’s something that we’ll reveal next year.” Well now it’s next year! What now?

What now, you ask? For that, we turn to Mr. Inc, and Mr. Rebus. They run Revolution Development Blog, a blog documenting the making of a game for the Revo. They are making a game, codenamed No End Soon, a futuristic First Person Shooter. They want the best FPS ever, so they have gamers make suggestions, some of which will find there ways into the game. Well in December they mentioned that Reggie would be hinting at the last secret at DICE. This was before this was announced, so this was thought to be fake. But now more gamers think Mr. Inc is ligit.

I will be interviewing Mr. Inc, or Mr. Rebus Shortly after DICE, and I invite you to submit questions you want answered. And keep your eyes on Buttonbasheron the 9th, as I will try to make sense of what Reggie hints at.