Revolution Blogs The Good, The Bad, And the Stupid

Everyday as I make my internet rounds of 20 or so blogs and sites, 8 of them are specifically for the Nintendo Revolution. Some I believe. Some I don’t. Some are still talking about the confirmed hoax “Nintendo ON”. Well I thought I’d share my thoughts and bookmarks with my reader(s).

I have been checking this one out a bit before the unveiling of the controller at TGS. It’s a fair blog that mentions the uncovered Nintendo Patents, interviews, and general opinions. I like it, and they update a couple times a week. They do have a good link list which is worth the visit alone.

Real or Fake? Real or Fake? I’m neutral. Allegedly “this blog is an experiment from a European located game company which is currently working at a FPS game for the upcoming Nintendo Revolution console. The purpose of this blog is to discuss game play ideas, which are provided by you, the consumer.”
By that description it links up with Ubisoft, who currently is developing a FPS for the Revolution. Links up right? And If you check out their SiteMeter at the bottom of the page the code at the end of the URL is “tfosibu” which of course is Ubisoft spelled backward. It’s just like watching “Lost”! Anyway their “game” is called No End Soon (or NES?)

3) The Ugly:
Okay now this guy is just clueless. He mentions the Nintendo ON as an add on to the Rev. Okay its not real!! Look it up on IGN for god sake! Don’t click that link unless you want a good laugh.

Now those are a few of the memorable Revo ones, but for all things Nintendo Don’t pass up: 4 Color Rebellion, GoNintendo, Infendo, or Revolution Report.

More news as it becomes available.


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