Buttonbasher 45: Mario Kart DS

I recently spent 45 minutes (or more) in Mario Kart DS.

For a DS game, It has no touch screen gameplay. And for one of the first times, It fits. It feels just like the Mario Kart of my dreams, blending elements of the best games in the franchise. It also features some of the best tracks from each game as well. To put it simply if you like Mario Kart, you’ll like it. If you haven’t ever played Mario Kart, you’ll like it also. Some are calling it Killer App material.

Okay, Mario games are never praised for their sound design. Anyway, most DS music isn’t all that great anyway. Not so good in the audio aspect.

Drive Straight toward Mario Kart 64, but if you get to Mario Kart Double Dash, you’ve gone to far. Half way between. It looks great though.

Now this is what I’m talking about! Finally Nintendo has made Mario Kart DS…Online. And hell, did they get it right. Through Wi-Fi connections you can hook up with friends, foes, and foreigners, for a race to the finish! I’ve gone on twice and after an initial setup I was on the go Racing people that are obviously better racers than me. I think this whole new “Nintendo Wi-fi Connection” might just catch on!.

Over all this game is probably a killer app. This or Animal Crossing Wild World.
2006 is shaping up to be Nintendo Success.

5/5 and my highest regards.



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